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Report an accident - help yourself, a family or a victim, tel. ………., send SMS saying “help” or via e-mail to ………………..

We are a family law firm with an established position in the legal services market. We have been supporting our clients since 2006 and we are still developing the scope of our services. We are helped in this by our everyday values, such as reliability, honesty and professionalism.

Thanks to the team consisting of specialists in the field of law, insurance, medicine, psychology, rehabilitation and finances, being at the same time a group of cooperating partners, we care jointly that each client is served in an individual manner with due diligence and attention, just like each of us would like it. Many years of experience, careful selection of partners and a developed case management model allow us to achieve satisfactory results in the form of high benefits for our clients.

We specialize in claiming benefits for people injured in accidents in Poland and abroad. Comprehensive assistance for the victims, professional legal service, representation before the police, criminal and civil courts, as well as assistance in the convalescence process – all of this causes that more and more people seeking support trust us.

If you or someone from your loved ones has suffered damage to a person or property, do not wait to contact us. We help victims or their families who have lost a loved one as a result of an accident.

People who have suffered injuries as a result of:

  • transport accidents,
  • accidents at work,
  • accidents in agriculture,
  • medical errors,
  • other random events (e.g. accidents on damaged pavement or stairs, etc.)

report to us.

Remember to secure evidence after an accident (report to the police, take photos, collect statements from witnesses, secure the data of the causer), do not wait to report the case to us until the end of treatment.

We will also help you comprehensively in:

  • estimation of the amount of compensation,
  • collecting all evidence needed to fight for compensation,
  • reporting an accident to the labor inspection,
  • submitting the case to UWV (Employee Insurance Agency in Holland) and coordinating it,
  • receiving a police note,
  • preparation and participation in the meeting with the representative of a insurance company and a medical commission,
  • receiving medical documents from a doctor or a hospital,
  • correspondence and exchange of letters with the insurer or employer,
  • damage assessment and calculation of compensation,
  • transport to a medical and rehabilitation facility,
  • help in changing insurance – Holland Zorg,
  • other legal matters.

We always represent only a victim, not an insurer or a causer of the accident.

We analyze each case for free, the terms of its conduct after the Client’s acceptance are supported by an appropriate agreement.